Hi, I'm Alyce!

We had best begin with a quick lesson...


I have a bad habit of not correcting people out of politeness when they pronounce my name wrong, but if I’m going to be an author, I had best change that: my name is pronounced 

Ah-lease, not Alice – think Elyse but with an A (and c ha!).

Lesson complete!

I live in Melbourne, Victoria, and have a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, but like most creative hearts I started writing stories when I was a child (though most have never been completed).  My earliest memories of writing are when i  was being babysat at my Grandparent's house and I would write on the blank side of A4 printer paper that had inventory counts on the other side that my mum would bring home from work. I was there a lot on school holidays and it was so quiet and well, there wasn't much else to do. However, even outside of my Grandparent's western suburbs home (that they still live in), I was always imagining new characters and worlds. The drive to and from school was when my mind seemed to wander the most and leave me day dreaming, staring out the window thinking about the next chapter in my character's story.

 In 2014, after months of looking for the right German shepherd dog breeder (read Looking for Logan to find out more about my journey to owning him), I finally brought Logan home. Two years later it was clear his left ear was never going to stand up, but I loved it, it made him unique, and along with his cheeky personality I had the idea to write a children's picture book about him, and so began the drafting process for The Perfect Puppy. In 2017, after over two years of research, drafting, reading and re-reading, story boarding, making mock books, and getting the opinions of family and friends I had finally completed a story I had started and could begin submitting the manuscript to publishers, and in 2018 I signed with Little Steps Publishing.

Logan is brave, curious, very cheeky, and beautifully unaware of how unique he is, but I like to think that if he knew he looked different he would also know that he is loved, and that's what I hope children who read my book, or have it read to them, will learn from Logan - you are perfect just the way you are and you are so very loved.
I hope you love The Perfect Puppy (and love Logan) as much as I do! 

The Perfect Puppy is available to purchase here on my website and on major bookseller websites such as QBD books, Angus Robertson, Dymocks and Booktopia, and in Sydenham Library and Footscray Library.