Where do I begin?


"I never imagined the bond I would have with him"

Since I was a little girl I had always wanted a dog. And it had to be a German Shepherd Dog (GSD). And it had to be a boy. And he had to be called Logan, named after Wolverine from X-Men. But my Dad was never a dog lover and always said “no”. Everytime I asked if I could have a dog I heard “no”. I mean, I understand, he didn’t particularly like dogs, and as the adult in the argument he knew better than I did how much work was involved in taking care of one, how much it would cost to keep one, what if the dog attacked myself or my brother? And what if one day I stopped taking care of the dog and the “novelty” wore off?  

But I never stopped asking. I persisted - petitioned is what I like to call it...


I knew I would love my dog, my Logan, once I got him, but I never imagined the bond I would have with him. How he could cheer me up when I was sad, how he could bring my family and I together when we were arguing, giving us as a collective something to care for; how he could literally make me laugh out loud because of the odd and clumsy things he did like crashing into walls or slipping down the floor boards (okay, sounds a bit harsh to laugh but he would hardly flinch! It's like he's made of steel). Logan became everything I had hoped he would be and so much more. And the floppy ear was a bonus in my eyes. 

Logan's not very good at making fur friends but oh how he loves people. Walk up to him, infact just stare at him and he will drop and roll onto his back waiting for belly scratches - and you better do it or you'll be hearing the sooky cries of a big fur baby. 

     He loves going for walks and chasing cats; he loves new smells and looking behind every corner or inspecting every little thing you're holding; he loves taking a nap and getting a bath (but don't dry him or brush him - he hates that) and he loves being around his hoomans, and his hoomans love being around him.  

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